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A unique product that distributes bark mulch, compost, wood chips, topsoil mixtures, and more into defined rows and bands. May be used to efficiently apply mulch to existing row plants and crops, or you can create a special growing media of optimum material to plant into. 

Product Summary

The Millcreek Row Mulcher is a widely adaptable mulch and organic material distributing implement.  It is currently in use here in Virginia, and many other states across the USA.  Citrus growers, nurseries, vineyards, organic farms, and many others have found that a row mulcher quickly becomes an invaluable player in their day to day operations.  Many types of cropping methods that may have been impractical (due to excessive manual labor required to distribute and shape mulch beds), are now easily accomplished.  It is powered by either by PTO (which drives either a geared transmission,  or onboard hydraulic system) or by tractor remote hydraulic power.  Hydraulic models provide very precise spreading control.  Seven sizes range from the new compact model 304 (coming in 2008!) up to the tandem axle 1028.  In these days of high input costs, the row mulcher may enable you to apply inexpensive, locally available organic materials needed for naturally healthy crop growth.  A pot filler attachment allows nurseries to fill plastic pots easily and efficiently.   Use your imagination, jot down your questions, and contact us to discuss your application, or to arrange a live demonstration.

Row Mulcher

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