Row Mulchers, Turf Tigers, and More!

Row Mulchers

Millcreek Row Mulchers are designed with versatility and durability in mind. Applies mulch to nursery, vineyard, berry, and vegetable rows and optionally can fill all sizes of nursery pots. Can apply compost, dried manure, sawdust, and other types of mulch materials.  Row mulchers  are especially applicable to mulch application for blueberry production. Adjustable deflectors and infinitely variable hydraulic drive allows rows to be customized to the desired width, profile and depth required.  We have successfully worked with several producers to help them select an optimally configured row mulcher for their operation, and assisted them to get started applying the row mulcher's capabilities to their production. Millcreek row mulchers are Made in America and assembled by hand with the best materials.

Spin Groomer Arena Rake

Reconditions, smooths, and levels out rutted and rough surfaces in arenas, rings, and pastures.  Easy-to-use and no PTO required. Material moves sideways to effectively fill in potentially dangerous rutted paths and low spots in a single pass. The result is a level, uniform surface with improved water absorption. Tilt the area rake more for a very aggressive pass or less for mild grooming action.  Replaceable tines and optional rake for baseball infields. Best in industry 2 year warranty.




We sell equipment represented by J.S. Woodhouse. Worksaver tractor attachments, skid steer attachments from several manufacturers, Shaver post drivers, Demco sprayers, Cole planters, Brown treecutters and many more.  Contact us for more information.